Jordana Turkel, RD, CDN, CDE

Jordana Turkel Nutritionist Expert

Nutritionist In NYC

Jordana Turkel graduated from the University of Delaware with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and a concentration in Pediatrics. She has an excitement for healthy eating and believes in counseling through the language of food. She specializes in: oncology, cardiology, maternity (pre/postnatal and lactation), pediatrics, food allergies, behavioral health, GI disorders, ostomy nutrition, weight loss, and diabetes. Additionally. she is a Certified Diabetes Educator and certified in Adult Weight Management.

Jordana is skilled at conducting nutrition assessments, medical nutrition therapy, and diabetes self-management education. She has experience in the analysis of patient’s blood glucose, food intake, and insulin dose records; as well as interpretation of pump and continuous glucose monitors (CGMS) download. Lastly, she has been interviewed on several news programs including Fox News Radio and WABC7. She is most passionate about helping her clients reach their nutrition goals.


Jordana’s nutrition philosophy is that she believes in food first. She assists her clients in achieving their goals through realistic goal setting, including behavioral and lifestyle modifications to make impactful changes that will last long-term. She helps clients become aware of their appetites, discover their unique stomach signals, become mindful, effective eaters and to take back control in order to be in charge of their eating habits. She trusts in individualized counseling that is client driven to build a foundation for healthy living.


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